10 Tips on Dancing

  1. Forget how you might look. Don’t worry what everyone else is doing, focus on your own thing.
  2. Get creative. You have 2 arms, 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 feet and 1 head. Use them!
  3. Keep things nice and simple.
  4. Music is all about feeling the rhythm… Just forget where you are and move.
  5. Give yourself rests and breaks when your body needs them. Remember that dancing is an exercise too!
  6. Express yourself, your feelings, emotions. This is what dancing is all about.
  7. You might look silly but as long as you are enjoying yourself, that’s all that matters.
  8. Work with the space around you and make it your playground.
  9. Find a partner. Dancing on one’s own is fun, but dancing with someone else is ever better.
  10. Lastly and most importantly – Have fun!

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