I wish I were a Robot

So that I could override my feelings. I wish I were a robot, So that I could shut-down and recharge when I wanted to. I wish I were a robot, So I could eat sweeties all day and not feel bad. I wish I were a robot, So I could drink as much tea as […]

The Spirit of a Thousand Years

The Spirit of a Thousand Years  An old and wise wizard lives quietly in contemplation and meditation. He is at one with nature and speaks to the spirits of the forest. The oldest spirit in the forest takes the form of a young boy, though it is many thousands of years old. It has been […]

Shadow Paws

She whistles on water curious as grace, Her talk unframed by shadowed face. She walks on air uplifted by effort, Her steps as sure as shadows hunt. She seeks her prize untouched by pride, Her plan revealed voyeur in hide. She pounces forth to claim rewards, Her claws both hungry as sharp as swords. She […]

Biscuit Theory

The biscuit is proportional to the cup of tea. Both must represent the other in taste and sensation. One is solid, one is liquid. One must take the proper preparation before enjoying both biccy and cuppa for example, the body is physically relaxed, the mind is clear of distraction and clutter. When all is prepared […]

Million Dollar Rock 1

Here is a blog I think you should check out. It’s very well written, tt’s got a nice theme going for it and there are some interesting articles on how to deal with stress, what sort of presents to buy for your loved ones and also promotes charity’s such as the Woodland Trust. I want […]

Black & White – (2001)

The Birth of a god. That god is you. Will you be good… or evil? Welcome to Black & White, a gam that asks you to take the role of a somewhat omnipotent deity in the peaceful world of Eden. After being summoned from the void, you must take it upon yourself to establish your first […]

Kuedo – Scissors

Freeform gliding effortlessly with grace, limitless perfection Contemporary shades of illuminescant blossom, Further understanding breeds enlightenment. Twin tails dancing on the frozen lake, spiralling in concentric patterns of love. A haze of emotions spurns them to unconditional victory, as if taunting the very shadows that watch them. Flickers the candle of peace, whispering in the twilight wind. A […]

Dwaalicht – Glaeba

Dwaalicht is the recording Alias of Wisp – Aka Reid Dunn from Niagara falls. Reid’s electronic music is heavily influenced by medieval barque history, however his Alias Dwaalicht focuses on upbeat, warm techno-vibes. This track is particularly calm and reassuringly mellow.  However, some other tracks by both Aliases are much faster and generate a very different […]