Sugar Rush

Chocolate_Ape_Sweet_Shop_Retro_Sweets_Birthday_Gift_Box_4There comes a time in a boys life,

When he realises he realizes what most in important.

A sweet made in heaven,

wrapped up in love.

They come in all shapes and sizes,

Some round, some square, some shaped like keys.

Some are soft and fleshy things,

Made of rainbows and sugar spice.

Others are tough and chewy,

How an armadillo must feel inside.

Sour jellies go fizz in your mouth,

And leave you foaming – wanting for more.

Mushroom Marshmellows provoke a groovy repsonce,

Instilling a need for a cosmic campfire.

Jelly lips are tender and juicy,

Perfect for kissing or nibbling or chatting too.

Blackcurrant, Strawberry, Orange and Lime,

Flavours so flavoursome they’ll blow your mind.

When spirits are low theres only one thing to do,

Scoff, munch, chew and snaffle.

Heart is warm now, tender and soft.

Beauty is a thing of taste.

Ecstatic delights uplift your spirits,

Sweety love becomes sweet Utopia,

One last wrapper, it’s do-or-die time,

One last colour, lets hope it’s red!

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