The Spirit of a Thousand Years

The Spirit of a Thousand Years

 An old and wise wizard lives quietly in contemplation and meditation. He is at one with nature and speaks to the spirits of the forest. The oldest spirit in the forest takes the form of a young boy, though it is many thousands of years old. It has been long known that this is a lost, wondering spirit who has forgotten it’s true identity. The spirit drifts in and out of the forest, searching for the answer. The wizard remembers what it was like to be young and takes it upon himself to set the spirit right. He packs three things with him and ventures into the forest to find the lost spirit.

 The wizard enters only at night, when the otherworld awakens and the spirits arrive to wonder the forest. He knows where to find the lost spirit, staring at it’s own reflection in a pond, wondering who the young boy is staring back at him. The wizard approaches the spirit casually and takes out his first item, a small owl sitting in a small birdcage. He sets it down on the floor and asks the spirit to use logic and reason to remember it’s identity. The spirit is puzzled by this and asks “what is logic and reason?” The wizard opens the birdcage and the owls flies towards the spirit and disappears into it’s forehead, awakening the spirits mind and memories. The spirit takes a moment to collect itself and says “I remember many things, but I do not know who I am.”

 The wizard takes out his second item, a magical harp and begins to pluck the strings delicately, awakening the spirits emotions. The spirit is overwhelmed with emotion and begins to weep. He remembers what it was like to be alive, but is full of sorrow that it cannot return to that time. The wizard prepares his final instrument, walking up to the spirit of the young boy he pulls him into his arms and says “There is no death, only love.” The spirit remembers love, it’s mind and it’s heart working as one. “I remember now, my name is Ewan.” The wizard smiles happily knowing his task is complete and continues to wonder the land working his magic.

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