Sugar Rush

There comes a time in a boys life, When he realises he realizes what most in important. A sweet made in heaven, wrapped up in love. They come in all shapes and sizes, Some round, some square, some shaped like keys. Some are soft and fleshy things, Made of rainbows and sugar spice. Others are […]


Flying tidy through pristine waves, Shadows conspire a sinister tide, Obscuring pure faith, stormclouds trouble a distant mind. On reckoning our last fulfilled prospects, We challenge an idea twice lost. Freedom argues a varient viewpoint, Posing new distance on valued pathways. Journey from distant home, how long before we arrive at a once promised future? […]

Ochre – Circadies

“Ochre is the stage name of English electronic musician Christopher Leary. The name “Ochre” was originally adopted as the title for Leary’s academic work while studying audio production at Newcastle College, as a variation of “Oaker”, being the name of a street inManchester where Leary spent his early childhood.[1] Leary also holds a Master’s degree in music.” – (Wikipedia)


Axel on high spurns deep felt emotions on clear winged clouds, Fortune finds the favoured. On clean winds of yesteryear tides. Mooncloud in silken earths, a shape emerges from the shadows of guilt. Poignant and destined. Two glances backwards, once more for love. Destiny beckons a fellow stranger, offering bread and milk of kinship, Free-will […]