Positive Energy

Stick fast to positive thoughts. Each new thought will guide you like a light. Ignore the darkness and feel safe in the knowledge you are not wrong, you are not a bad person. Worry will try and pull you into the shadows. Be happy and think not of things that might be, only that which […]


Be kind to others and the universe will be kind to you. Respect other peoples opinions, wishes and beliefs. Healthy body makes a healthy mind. Knowledge is the key to understanding. Know your strengths, weaknesses and flaws. They do not define who you are. Sometimes doing the right thing is as simple as listening to […]


Tweeting lovely songs in the morning, A birds song is never finished, but pauses briefly each night. Their trills colour the air a thousand different colours.

Blue Sky

Earth listens quietly to yawning sky, Waking with gentle grace. Clouds blossom across a blue canvas, whispering to all below. A night has passed, where once was confusion, now reigns serenity. Moon and sun trade places, for each has found a new purpose.

Night and Day

Darkness blooms to light, Stars become mist on the eastern wind, A leaf curls in the air, freefalling wistfully. A gentle breeze stirs trees in the distant, A calm shore slides in and out of the earth. All darkness becomes light in the end, So be at peace, be well.

Begin Anew

A light flutters by the tree, waiting for the time to glow. It whispers quietly to the wind, staying close to oaken tree. Leaves rustle gently, a soft sigh of quiet expression. Stiff bark wheathers a timeless storm, before the daylight breaks the dawn.


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Six times over.

A senseless lesson. Waves transform. A line decides. Splitting, unfolding. Depth. Echoes of echoes. A haunting attack. Point.


Droplets split the wave thrice over, Rubble, dust. Let’s begin anew, cast away old regrets and useless faults. Let’s build a new temple to reign over our thoughts. Let’s weave a new tempo. Blocks upon blocks upon blocks, a marked foundation of trust and betrayal. Creeked, cracked, crooked. Clicks, clicked, ticked. Creation. Low waves crawl […]

Forget the self.

Remember that which only the heart desires, A close listen, a soft touch. An arm around the hip could be so much more than just a gesture. We fold around each other like timeless leafs, leaving only our whisper. Wind waits for nothing but itself, calling through the trees to beyond. Rain falls without a […]