My mind is tumbling.

Over itself and the many thoughts that call themselves home. I listen and wait, unfurling my wings and hiding. Something stirs in the distant, my head or my heart. Either or both. A tail has sprouted from behind me and my legs and arms become clawed and catlike. Transformation becomes an evolution of the spirit. […]

To fight or to let go?

How can I stop resisting when resisting is stopping? I’m trying to turn my head left and right at the same time. Each direction branches out into a million different possibilities. Which one leads me to where I want to go? Are they all different or do they all lead to the same place? Which […]

Blue, Red, Green.

Blue, Red, Green. Three colours, three words, no meaning. I’ve decided to decide not to decide. Who made that decision? Left or right, up or down. All directions have blurred into one long motion. A slow crawl. I wish things would pick up again, a swift fluid motion of creativity, laughter and warmth. I’m supposed […]

Where Am I?

When did this all go wrong? What happened way back when, when things were right and whole. A void fills my heart and the only sound is silence. A deafening roar of nothingness. My eyes want to cry out in terror but my mind is too busy trying to control everything. I’m scared that I’ll […]

A Lovely Thought

A bird lays snugly in it’s nest at night. A Mouse curls up tight in it’s hole. A Monkey swings from a tree happily. A baby elephant plays in water for the first time. A Bunny rabbit nibbles on a carrot hungrily. The sun shines up high on a summers day. A cool spring breezes […]


Soar free distant bird! Fly! Fly on swift winds with graceful ease! keep still the beating heart, a quickening of my minds eye see’s visions of cities in a sky. A colourful melody wove it’s way into the peoples hearts and taught them love. Movement freed their souls and gave them a gift of unbound-less […]