An Effort, Your Best

You’ve done nothing wrong, No fault, no lie. No answer, no cry. You tried your best, And bested no test, It was no waste, no wasted effort You forgot no tempo No lack of faith Get back up, At least you tried. Once more, with feeling.


Free all parties now, Let’s dance, let’s freak You hide I’ll seek, Defeat my energy, I’ll grant your wish Keep those secrets safe, Amended where necessary. Push further, Delve deeper Squeeze. Shake. Show me your true form.

The Rip

Tie me up, Rip me down, Erase my faith Constrain my belief, Enter, then exit my dream Show me mountains, Push my sky to it’s limit, Set the sun Expanse Vast Untouched

Your Move

Disco dancin’ I’m flauncing Tickling that hand, feathered cuff Bounce to my bounce, I’ll be your beat. Move those feet, discreet. Elite. Tectile sensations Remind your arms to wind Flow slowly Up-stretch Split down. Phase.


Hip Scotch, Flip the Top. Nuzzle my Funnel. Now’s the End Amend your Defence. Quieten Down. Bring Forth, Then Rip.


Wind calling, Whispering my name, Reaching back through me, My wings spread thin, A vastness that cannot be fathomed A dance unmoved, yet still with grace. Fire from above. The roar of kings long forgotten. Time unwinds, unravels A new light.