The Eternal Great Beyond

Eternally alone in an expanding cosmic horizon. I heed a call that whispers on the winds of time. A slumber that wakes, then wakes to slumber in the memories that hold my thoughts.

I’m forever dreaming of snow white wings that carry me home unto the great beyond. I wake beside the sea shore dunes and listen to the sound of the the waves lapping against a sun-kissed sand. The nowhere island of forgotten secrets.  A gentle breeze whispers in my ear a promise that is just beyond my hearing, yet far beyond it’s keeping.

I listen to the stars wishing for release. A sky waiting for me above the clouds in an abyssal black-blue void, drinking the light from the lands of the earth. Were I not just a single pair of wings trapped in a boundless sea of shadows, I would take off towards the horizon and sail on winds of idle whims and fancy.

I am forever chasing the dying light that expands towards the edge of space. Pondering as I drift, what it means to be immortal free and boundless. Just a whisper of a fading memory in the ever turning wheel of time. A pausing thought in the quickening expansion of the universe. A brief candlelight against an infinite shadow of space, towards a thousand suns that burned with the light of a thousand more worlds.

I wished for something more than just my lonely dreams, but a final resting place for my wings to sleep and find eternal peace in silent slumber. A place to call my end as I fade into the next great beyond.

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