I can, I can’t.

Caved in and drawn out, I’m a believer of my own cuts. I chase the rhythm where it deems, No fault of my own. I’m blessed to be disturbed by no other, I wake to love and feel to breathe. I become once more a chaser in the lie, Un-doing the rest disastrously with happenstance. […]

A conversation with myself.

Conversations are weird aren’t they? It’s like we’re both guessing to see if the other person is interested. Are they interested? Are they listening? Do they care? …Do they even want to have this conversation? Sometimes I just want to get away from everybody, everyone, everything and everywhere. Pull up the drawbridge to my inner […]

Jovial Waster

The Jovial Waster allows no rest, It’s a test, best left unkept. Rumored to be renowned. Openly default of void questions. Crashing loudly, thunderous cheers uproar. Furious yet fair, no less no more. Aces swift as diced nines, Uprooting with arrows without a cause. My once heard last breath escapes me. Splendor of words yet […]