Exceptions Are Best Confounded

Explore the unknown in a darkened woods. Know nothing but everything. Guessing everything but nothing. Make no attempt to attempt, just make your case for making sense.

Leave the rest to the best, expect no cheer or cry, no fanfair or raise. Expect the least to become less than less. Overtly experiencing nothing more than crumbs. Just go with your snow and put icing on your cake. Particularly of notice. Is Victoria.

Now lets speak of bazoons, let’s hazard at Punk. Let’s speak Getsuga and release our Bankai. Believe in your onesie. It will keep your warm, safe and anthropomorphic.

Anomorphic. Tetraspellic. Sectum-sempra. Let’s dial a number and fued the equation. Doodle a flower. Nurture a flora. Take care of Fauna. And never forget your cholesterol.


Raver Rabbit

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