Can’t Get It Right

Can’t fluctuate.  Can’t Dictate. Control Metal My Actions. Can’t Fight. Can’t Sleep. Can’t Hold Tight. Can’t Dance. Can’t catch the cat. Can’t Reach. Can’t bathe on a Beach. I can do anything I put my mind too. But If I don’t have freedom of space to move, then I can’t spread my wings and fly!

A dream

A dream of ages, Exploring from inner divulge Aeon divine, knights of my nine, never rounded them up. Never gathered a cup. Took my time in caverns, made deadly friends with wolves. Searching for ancient Looking for lost Extradited Elavated, Ultra-venus. My calm of storm. Void Salta, Atronarch, Thunda, # Fury, Rage, Calm. Stowing the […]


Silence Lighter Eightwidth Atronarch felt Blindly Stowing the know Elegance Unbounds Fleeting coincide Destiny resides Timed glance Razor edge Bold Plenty to sp0re Reason devolved Furious rage Neglect Fuel for anger Oppression desolate {{?DJ Set’s By Ewy}} {(My Electronic Music Blog)}


Decree my thunder, Wind risen to the east, Lightnin’ illuminates sky Heavens open Rain purrs time ages. Mistbord. Harken the cry. Dispel my fear H31ght3n my b3l13fs Wings spread Whispers evolve TrIcKiNg Aquatics Organics  M0rph0g3n1cs Entity Battles begin anew Anorial fades to grey Enlightened sense of reality Hypnomorphic endogenic realisation Analogical force A division of […]

By Anon

Boxed in clever on a psychiatric ward It’s no wonder I’m bored. The fatigue sets in The eternal light won’t go off Before it’s off. Boxed in clever by the professionals To tighten another screw of my schizophrenic brain Can I leave? Always the same old refrain Wait, wait on the ward to see the […]