Alert? Let’s Flirt

Discrepancies arise, no form no flavor, tailor made to open no major. I’m fussing with the rest, can’t tide no best. Free falling into many cascades. Let’s fly forever and never get laid. ## ASEXUAL

Binky Bonk

Likes his noodles in a jar. Slammy likes his tea hot and acidic. We chump the floob together and mince words like pie. CONVERGE


Poodle pink my raindrop. I’ll bump your bomp. Even if you can’t ride a donkey, I’ll love you anyway. My cat is flying even though I don’t own him. Too much poonflipping. Exchoom my sense of boon. Where are all the colours gone?


Exqueeze my chunlon. Boobledoogey with a wash wish. Expect no test that needs besting. Open my rawr power with a snarl and a whisper and a coot and a grace. Gravity needs time to weight. Give me your Ruber and I’ll swap you my rumble. RUMBLER.