Aeonarial Delirium.

Another draw to reach heaven through hidden back doors, free falling through cold floors. Never once, never more.

Waking slowly to the present moment, in memory of those times which made us blue from head to toe. Doyou know? I don’t know. Senses reaching out. Making no sense of nonsense, past tense, present future. We kiss slowly to colour our souls, and leave no trace of passion where the pain folds. 

Our eyes alight with fire, passionate warmth. A kindling of spirits that dyes it’s heart red and feels no fear, no restful dead. The dread of living of forever and evolving our sanity into a single state of being. A liberated entity. No identity,

Let’s kite fly our way to freedom, let’s drink to say nothing more. Let’s feel to the edges of the universe and see what makes us feel loved for nothing. Let’s evolve, let’s transcend, let’s become more than what we once were. You call me him, I call your her.


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