Exceptions Are Best Confounded

Explore the unknown in a darkened woods. Know nothing but everything. Guessing everything but nothing. Make no attempt to attempt, just make your case for making sense. Leave the rest to the best, expect no cheer or cry, no fanfair or raise. Expect the least to become less than less. Overtly experiencing nothing more than […]

Open Answer

A question, forthcoming, like a crime in reverse. take your time, aim no purpose, spot the clue when it’s missing. take what’s due. pay what’s owed.~ delve.

Casso Frenzo

Casso? Casso Frenzo. Tremendo! Excluedo… Tram-adam. Popuelendus! Casso? Casso Frenzo. Remuedo? Confueso? Excluedo. Popuelendo! Skram. Skram! Veska. Klem… Klementine! Exundus… Poit.

Left then right

sights left and right, upwards and down, down towards that light. drawing me closer, imagine a door, a new dream. a wonderful land of colours, fresh from my imagination, I wander aimlessly, talking only to myself, my other half fled, a sun bleached my eyes red, I became unwoken, bespoked with tears in my eyes


Fredric chased the stats, they gave him no pleasure, no joy, he cried for number, bleeding algorithms, aching equations, until one day, he chased a dream of light a beacon of understanding, all came knowingly, his mind spanned the universe untold, explored divisions, subtractions, added new complexions, described his world as one point, one vibration, […]

Dance Freak

Spell me your limbs, Teach me your name, Ask me who I am, Discover, Uncover, I’ll tell you my game, Try and explain, Do not refrain. Speak up, Speak loud Shout me your style I keep no file Only Reason, Full Force, Switch-up, Flip, then Trip. Split, rewind, unwind. Define. My mind, your line, Skip-Step […]

Your Move

Disco dancin’ I’m flauncing Tickling that hand, feathered cuff Bounce to my bounce, I’ll be your beat. Move those feet, discreet. Elite. Tectile sensations Remind your arms to wind Flow slowly Up-stretch Split down. Phase.

Arrival Complete

Fusion Brighter than day Lasts a lifetime Resonates with being Open unfold, Untold remission. Quick exit. Tip of the tap. Top of the tip. Explanations explode Arrival complete