Dance Freak

Spell me your limbs, Teach me your name, Ask me who I am, Discover, Uncover, I’ll tell you my game, Try and explain, Do not refrain. Speak up, Speak loud Shout me your style I keep no file Only Reason, Full Force, Switch-up, Flip, then Trip. Split, rewind, unwind. Define. My mind, your line, Skip-Step […]

Kuedo – Scissors

Freeform gliding effortlessly with grace, limitless perfection Contemporary shades of illuminescant blossom, Further understanding breeds enlightenment. Twin tails dancing on the frozen lake, spiralling in concentric patterns of love. A haze of emotions spurns them to unconditional victory, as if taunting the very shadows that watch them. Flickers the candle of peace, whispering in the twilight wind. A […]

Dwaalicht – Glaeba

Dwaalicht is the recording Alias of Wisp – Aka Reid Dunn from Niagara falls. Reid’s electronic music is heavily influenced by medieval barque history, however his Alias Dwaalicht focuses on upbeat, warm techno-vibes. This track is particularly calm and reassuringly mellow.  However, some other tracks by both Aliases are much faster and generate a very different […]

Ochre – Circadies

“Ochre is the stage name of English electronic musician Christopher Leary. The name “Ochre” was originally adopted as the title for Leary’s academic work while studying audio production at Newcastle College, as a variation of “Oaker”, being the name of a street inManchester where Leary spent his early childhood.[1] Leary also holds a Master’s degree in music.” – (Wikipedia)