Exceptions Are Best Confounded

Explore the unknown in a darkened woods. Know nothing but everything. Guessing everything but nothing. Make no attempt to attempt, just make your case for making sense. Leave the rest to the best, expect no cheer or cry, no fanfair or raise. Expect the least to become less than less. Overtly experiencing nothing more than […]


Bringing you subversive synth soundwaves from the subkratic sub attacker of misguided delusional dream beliefs. Hexadecimal triangulation’s forgo the errant wishful thinker. At last we gather in the Myst to delve deeper into the subconscious betawave tuners and myst-mingle in our minimalist contraptions. Tip-toeing ever deeper, deeper into our untold depths. The Echolight dreamcave of […]


Originally posted on TheOpenWindow:
Between the late night video calls And the half hearted, “Goodnight”, Coated with a sigh of longing to Eagerly see the morning sun and a, “Good morning” text from him, Lie a billion hidden messages of Walking by the seaside, and Creating new footprints in the sand, Together, and feel the…

The Eternal Great Beyond

Eternally alone in an expanding cosmic horizon. I heed a call that whispers on the winds of time. A slumber that wakes, then wakes to slumber in the memories that hold my thoughts. I’m forever dreaming of snow white wings that carry me home unto the great beyond. I wake beside the sea shore dunes and […]

The Look

Days go by every fifth stride. A new divide. A length to split. Lets talk analogies. Sub-categories. Water drips by the side, a wayward gaze over a long horizon. My hand feeds the anger to the other side. A crazed look. Peaceful belief. Complex relief. Dangerous looker, aimfull pride. Quick tempered to a point. Days […]

Open Answer

A question, forthcoming, like a crime in reverse. take your time, aim no purpose, spot the clue when it’s missing. take what’s due. pay what’s owed.~ delve.

The Exploding Psychology

I am. Your mind. Your thoughts, your desires. You deepest, darkest, secrets. My realm, your imagination Your dream, my scene, my landscape. Memories. Emotions unfurl like a majestic wave. Some harsh, sharp, like anger, hatred. Others pure, sublime, soft, like love, compassion, warmth. Intimacy combined, we create a universe within ourselves. We dream the undream-able. […]

Left then right

sights left and right, upwards and down, down towards that light. drawing me closer, imagine a door, a new dream. a wonderful land of colours, fresh from my imagination, I wander aimlessly, talking only to myself, my other half fled, a sun bleached my eyes red, I became unwoken, bespoked with tears in my eyes