Open Answer

A question, forthcoming, like a crime in reverse. take your time, aim no purpose, spot the clue when it’s missing. take what’s due. pay what’s owed.~ delve.

The Exploding Psychology

I am. Your mind. Your thoughts, your desires. You deepest, darkest, secrets. My realm, your imagination Your dream, my scene, my landscape. Memories. Emotions unfurl like a majestic wave. Some harsh, sharp, like anger, hatred. Others pure, sublime, soft, like love, compassion, warmth. Intimacy combined, we create a universe within ourselves. We dream the undream-able. […]

Casso Frenzo

Casso? Casso Frenzo. Tremendo! Excluedo… Tram-adam. Popuelendus! Casso? Casso Frenzo. Remuedo? Confueso? Excluedo. Popuelendo! Skram. Skram! Veska. Klem… Klementine! Exundus… Poit.

Hide me

Over the top, under, then through, we escape ourselves again, knowing the way we hear in our hearts, let’s close the door behind us, find a new star, ride the moon, let’s play among blue fields, memories, a sense of belief unbound, always found, never moved, we keep our secrets close, and cut loose when […]


Emma cries for her tears, she needs to cut, for reasons only she understands, the blood stills her ache, heals her frustration, unwinds her tension, in time they heal, a mark of her struggle, her battle, her war, still she soldiers  on, making people smile, being silly, being happy, being emma


Fredric chased the stats, they gave him no pleasure, no joy, he cried for number, bleeding algorithms, aching equations, until one day, he chased a dream of light a beacon of understanding, all came knowingly, his mind spanned the universe untold, explored divisions, subtractions, added new complexions, described his world as one point, one vibration, […]

Skip Step

My time, your rhyme, exploding psychology, timed patience waiting for nothing or all, illuminating a shadow, bring forth your silhouette administrate your soul dimension unfold, a new story is told, beware the friendly stranger


Where to go next? where does my future lie? brighter than most skies, adventures to be had missions to be completed stories to unfold i’ve been places done things experiences had but what’s next? only i decide only i decide


perpetrator deadly predator sneaking your darkness stalking your shadow sniffing out your fear close around the corner your worst dream, your nightmare a friend found delusions uncovered no menace no trace left no message just care and trust a must


add a connection, subtract a meaning, discover a realm of untold possibilities. flame pure yet painless, torch in the dark knife at the back who’s my predator? I’ll be your prey consume uncover rewind. delude yourself keep quiet and sink sink deep