Open Answer

A question, forthcoming, like a crime in reverse. take your time, aim no purpose, spot the clue when it’s missing. take what’s due. pay what’s owed.~ delve.

Casso Frenzo

Casso? Casso Frenzo. Tremendo! Excluedo… Tram-adam. Popuelendus! Casso? Casso Frenzo. Remuedo? Confueso? Excluedo. Popuelendo! Skram. Skram! Veska. Klem… Klementine! Exundus… Poit.


Hip Scotch, Flip the Top. Nuzzle my Funnel. Now’s the End Amend your Defence. Quieten Down. Bring Forth, Then Rip.

Biscuit Theory

The biscuit is proportional to the cup of tea. Both must represent the other in taste and sensation. One is solid, one is liquid. One must take the proper preparation before enjoying both biccy and cuppa for example, the body is physically relaxed, the mind is clear of distraction and clutter. When all is prepared […]