add a connection, subtract a meaning, discover a realm of untold possibilities. flame pure yet painless, torch in the dark knife at the back who’s my predator? I’ll be your prey consume uncover rewind. delude yourself keep quiet and sink sink deep

The Title

Why do we need a title? Titles were never for kings, Or allies. I shun them. Stunned by your nature, Fueled by sincere intention I seek your fury Combatant Contestant contested. Unreal. Shallow. Too deep to measure Reliable Yet unstable. Immeasurable Unstoppable At peace.


Teal, It floats gently, A lonely sound with no company, it cries for friendship, lost in a sea of loneliness, wandering, aimless,~ searching for an answer, a melancholic lullaby, gliding on wings of tears, why did leave? hold me

skip with me

fly let’s fly, let’s soar then crest, my wings unfold, untold. a true form, weightless and effortless, water reflection your true self imagine a new being wonderful, magician mind-manipulator

Control Condition

Mint Condition It’s fresh, next to best, unrefined, never defined clean kept, next wept, forward momentum, backwards remission. untold retention sweft defence meet the war, knockin’ on your door, the unmarked score for more, no law. tiger’s roar.

Dance Freak

Spell me your limbs, Teach me your name, Ask me who I am, Discover, Uncover, I’ll tell you my game, Try and explain, Do not refrain. Speak up, Speak loud Shout me your style I keep no file Only Reason, Full Force, Switch-up, Flip, then Trip. Split, rewind, unwind. Define. My mind, your line, Skip-Step […]

Zero Point

Time… Evaporating Slowly… Dimensions crumbling… One Vibration, One Tense… A void of clocks, Ticking forever in your mind, Sandfall. Paradox unwind. Past & Future Combined. Minus Infinite. Zero.


I scream. a need an expression. a desire for a void to be filled. a rage untouched by anger or hatred, it’s pure form, unmoved. stretched thin, the whisper listens, stroking my teary cheek, abusing my use of voice, I need to No anger. Just sound.

No Flight

Warped Distortion A wormhole to my dreams, My waking journey,~ A step un-paced, Untraced, Waves Washed through my bleeding score, Another fight to be lost, Straight lines falling, Bespoke friendship, Secrets safe. Charmed illusion. Breaking free from my memories.


A special friend, A Whispered secret, A lie untold, Unspoken, Freedom redeem, A light pierced my heart, A soul awoke, A time became meaningless A breeze. An afterthought.