Stepping stones, Leading to a higher beauty, An-unfathomed view, A Landscape of untold futures, A way of life that belongs to you, Your future, your destiny, A faith un-touched by lies and doubts, Revive your soul, Breathe deep, Step back, Fall forever.


Free all parties now, Let’s dance, let’s freak You hide I’ll seek, Defeat my energy, I’ll grant your wish Keep those secrets safe, Amended where necessary. Push further, Delve deeper Squeeze. Shake. Show me your true form.

The Rip

Tie me up, Rip me down, Erase my faith Constrain my belief, Enter, then exit my dream Show me mountains, Push my sky to it’s limit, Set the sun Expanse Vast Untouched

Your Move

Disco dancin’ I’m flauncing Tickling that hand, feathered cuff Bounce to my bounce, I’ll be your beat. Move those feet, discreet. Elite. Tectile sensations Remind your arms to wind Flow slowly Up-stretch Split down. Phase.


Hip Scotch, Flip the Top. Nuzzle my Funnel. Now’s the End Amend your Defence. Quieten Down. Bring Forth, Then Rip.


Trip Switch. My Hitch. Take a Snitch. Rise above, divulge below. Seek a rise to heavens new dawn. A ray of sunlight cast only for you. Your truth unfolds like a new story that ends when you want it to. Lift up, fall down. Whisper tongues. Expose the inner other.

Rapid Connection

High hopes, Delivered from Daniels first time. We gathered round his supernatural flame, in awe. He spoke in rapid tongues, Which only he comprehended. It made us smile, it made us weep. We told him we loved him, he smiled and waved. Daniel.

Kiss me good night

Commune. Reach my touch with your aching heart. Bleeding through my eyes brings me joy, my toy. Eating that flesh of your own accord, it’s all you can afford. Rapid discussion, overdrive flow. Beneath below. We burn untold reflection. My connection. Your exception.