Emma cries for her tears, she needs to cut, for reasons only she understands, the blood stills her ache, heals her frustration, unwinds her tension, in time they heal, a mark of her struggle, her battle, her war, still she soldiers  on, making people smile, being silly, being happy, being emma


Fredric chased the stats, they gave him no pleasure, no joy, he cried for number, bleeding algorithms, aching equations, until one day, he chased a dream of light a beacon of understanding, all came knowingly, his mind spanned the universe untold, explored divisions, subtractions, added new complexions, described his world as one point, one vibration, […]


add a connection, subtract a meaning, discover a realm of untold possibilities. flame pure yet painless, torch in the dark knife at the back who’s my predator? I’ll be your prey consume uncover rewind. delude yourself keep quiet and sink sink deep

My Scream

Screaming, I’m aching, dieing unfolding misery untold stories whispered cut, a furious beat a need to release a need to escape fly free on glorious winds of peace namaste as-salaamu alaykum

No Flight

Warped Distortion A wormhole to my dreams, My waking journey,~ A step un-paced, Untraced, Waves Washed through my bleeding score, Another fight to be lost, Straight lines falling, Bespoke friendship, Secrets safe. Charmed illusion. Breaking free from my memories.


A special friend, A Whispered secret, A lie untold, Unspoken, Freedom redeem, A light pierced my heart, A soul awoke, A time became meaningless A breeze. An afterthought.

Rap 10

Skiddle Daddle. Poodle that paddle. Flow showin’, show me go mad. I put you in a medal. Middle of the battle. Put the treble up, then the bass. Go without knowing where you know. Flow showin’ Show boatin’ Escape 5. Flip 9. I ate the 7.

Blue Flame

Gliding on wings of peace, light trails from high above. Wind through ice, Halo supreme. Night-time reigns in the darkness. Fantastic shadows creep and crawl, mind of minds converge. See me cry, tears of love, once tried never before. Clean and swift a star burns fierce, hope. Red runs deep, blood as quick no fire. Time […]