Krept up on me, silent as night, a whisper went down my spine,~ shivered wonders, A nightmare awakened, my courage fled,? left alone in a dark abyss, my time my ally, my steps for faith, i look which way, and spy only shadows, who’s who?

Hide me

Over the top, under, then through, we escape ourselves again, knowing the way we hear in our hearts, let’s close the door behind us, find a new star, ride the moon, let’s play among blue fields, memories, a sense of belief unbound, always found, never moved, we keep our secrets close, and cut loose when […]


Where to go next? where does my future lie? brighter than most skies, adventures to be had missions to be completed stories to unfold i’ve been places done things experiences had but what’s next? only i decide only i decide


perpetrator deadly predator sneaking your darkness stalking your shadow sniffing out your fear close around the corner your worst dream, your nightmare a friend found delusions uncovered no menace no trace left no message just care and trust a must


add a connection, subtract a meaning, discover a realm of untold possibilities. flame pure yet painless, torch in the dark knife at the back who’s my predator? I’ll be your prey consume uncover rewind. delude yourself keep quiet and sink sink deep

My Scream

Screaming, I’m aching, dieing unfolding misery untold stories whispered cut, a furious beat a need to release a need to escape fly free on glorious winds of peace namaste as-salaamu alaykum


Wind calling, Whispering my name, Reaching back through me, My wings spread thin, A vastness that cannot be fathomed A dance unmoved, yet still with grace. Fire from above. The roar of kings long forgotten. Time unwinds, unravels A new light.

The Essence

I believed once, A lifetime ago, On winds tripped with Shorefined beads, I lost essence combined, My heart confined, trapped rectangular My spirit soared, a mountain passed A thousand over, minus the catch Now my heart beats infinite. Unity Unfold.

Arrival Complete

Fusion Brighter than day Lasts a lifetime Resonates with being Open unfold, Untold remission. Quick exit. Tip of the tap. Top of the tip. Explanations explode Arrival complete