Bringing you subversive synth soundwaves from the subkratic sub attacker of misguided delusional dream beliefs. Hexadecimal triangulation’s forgo the errant wishful thinker. At last we gather in the Myst to delve deeper into the subconscious betawave tuners and myst-mingle in our minimalist contraptions. Tip-toeing ever deeper, deeper into our untold depths. The Echolight dreamcave of whisperers.



A brief confession.

Mellow dramatica… Eccentric egotism, unorganized kleptomania. Do I know where I’m going with this? Probably not very far… Alas, it’s another microcosm of grammatical oversights and twisted sentences of wonderful whimsy fancy. Expect no less than nonsense, no more than pseudo poetry, wordplay at best. Teasing one word against the other and attempting to slunk a metaphorical backdrop amidst a furious attempt at sounding abstract and competent in the English language. The truth is however, that I have no idea what I’m doing really… Not a clue. Just throwing things around and hoping that an interesting pattern emerges, occasionally inventing words that mean nothing and ones that sound stark, clever or vaguely interesting. It’s a silly game, but one that I enjoy spending time with. Haphazard? Possibly… Interesting? Maybe… What does it all mean? It’s nonsense! Just another tale trailer of attempted wit and flashy juxtaposition. Stay tuned…


Bestowed upon my last trite thoughts with an empty abandonment. I loosely follow a train of congnition that leads to nowhere but more questions that beg for conclusion. Twice once more I’m lost in a deafening silence that needs to be broken. Belonging somewhere but also nowhere and never again. Leap jump and soar until one’s airborn with newfound wings of vision. Aiming for the horizon without a plan. Lessons learnt… Or is this just the beginning of a new test? Another challenge to be leveled and raised. Speak up! Make my presence known and my title bestowed. I’m ready to arc my curve into the next great beyond above. My name is Arkonfeld.


Guess Where

Elevated sense of displacement. Raptured guess moves quick with my lie. I frame my doubts with shadowed intentions. Silhouettes made from horrors. Quickly I rinse the guilt from between my forefinger and thumb, pressuring the blood against my sense of touch.

Praying that it rains forever, a torrential downpour of shouts, wails and cries for help. Among other beliefs I’m nothing more than a guess. An idly pause for thought in an ever expanding inner psychology. Madly lost in the corners of my dreams through an ongoing labyrinth that expands through my consciousness deep above my sub.

Inner Confidence

Arrival. Deft, immaculate and clean with wit. Razor sharp with a silver tongue poised ready to deliver a licked rhyme. I call order to defense, charged with deadly accuracy and high intentions. This is actually my dance, I own this floor with all of it’s moves and elegant grace. I’m the king of aces, the royalty among gods. Ruling with a furious glance and impeccable timing. I’m always nigh. Hail to the savior. I have few names but many titles. I’m the champion of the elite. Dreaded by many, matched by few. I am, and always will be, your inner confidence.


Roaming with the best, tasted what’s left. Ironright down with the flavor. Pressured tense with a choice of words. The floor hits back with a graveled palm of justice that teaches you to be wary of the curb. It’s just a game… No? No fairplay rules, no friendly competition… Or something to be furious about in your inferiority and failure. Promises promised first though. I pledge this next breath with the time keepers old. Honored deal breakers, let us rejoice in the lie! Herald the nightwish and harken the cry! For love and death lets dance in the sky, let’s dance in the sky… Let’s dance in the sky.


Having faithfully cleared the way to my heart, I open a once closed door to my future; greeted by an ever expanding cosmic horizon of dreams! I let go of “was”, aligning with “Is” and becoming a resonant “Am”.

My release is freedom itself, self discovery blossoming. Outwards, onwards into the void of my wildest dreams… I see myself, not as I was, but as I “Am”. My once confused heart fluttering in unison with my wants, my needs, my most basic desires. A simple joyful bliss in the way I now sit, stand, walk and breathe, think, decide, plan, listen, create.

I enter an infinite pipeline of escapetivity, veiled only by the quickening spirits of those kindred flames that wish me peace and happiness everlasting. Radiant with love for those that love me, and love for those that know me radiantly. I’m shining like a star! no more no less, I’ll always be me. And me I shall be. Forevermore…