She’s Nina (My Second In Command)

She springs forth like a bolt. Looser than ends. She’s never arisen from her darkness. Power like nothing before, she holds you in the palm of her hand and screams. She’s your destiny. Not like you know it. She’s before and after. She’s bolder than you’ll ever be. She’s a demon. She’s a Mistress. She’s […]

Time SeeD

It’s never eneough to block the chase. You must first render it garnered. Even before you look to the edge your knowledge fades with the passing of time. Ages ago under shadow recluse, we stood our beliefs with finality and choose to ride assunder the assuming reprise. Never have my laughs been so colourful, for […]

Despite My T1ME

Anaerial Glance, Wicked Sprinseed, My Elavated Sense of Being. Your Shadow Dance, My Lucky Chance, Gaining Age for Measured Pressure, Revolving my Ego with a Fever Dream of Aeons. Favored by the Best, Always testing my obsession. Tearing my frustration with tempered patience. Waiting for days, weeks, months, for live to evolve. Always bored with […]

Arriving at Nigh

Forgotten glance, Broken Mirror. Twisted horror, Lonely Shadow. Slowly Alone, Forever in Dream. Never forgetting, Ready to Scream. Shout about Shout, I’m in, then out. Forsaken neglect, Sectioned like the rest.

Video Assisting Portfolio

Please explore this link if you are feeling brave. My work includes Video Assisting Bleach, One Piece, Naruto and Metal Gear Solid. It’s a new hobby I’ve been working. What does it means? I’ve basically re-written the soundtracks these anime (And a scene from metal gear solid) simply because I felt I could and it […]

Aeonarial Delirium.

Another draw to reach heaven through hidden back doors, free falling through cold floors. Never once, never more. Waking slowly to the present moment, in memory of those times which made us blue from head to toe. Doyou know? I don’t know. Senses reaching out. Making no sense of nonsense, past tense, present future. We […]

Swift, Graceful, Prominent

Lighter than air yet sharper than a razors edge. Bold define, that opens the close. A Tided Test of Restful Bests. A personal record of affirmation for love being long lost cold. Harken the sky, let dawn light and cry. Speak truths the days that end shorter and hold colder than the seasons of old. […]

Clean Tidal

Escaping waves like past from present.  Cutting ties with old lies and new gifts. Presenting my aim with bold definition. /courage /honour /idealism Herald to crowns of old, Idle with frowns so cold, Never again to be once more, This light fades with grace.

Alert? Let’s Flirt

Discrepancies arise, no form no flavor, tailor made to open no major. I’m fussing with the rest, can’t tide no best. Free falling into many cascades. Let’s fly forever and never get laid. ## ASEXUAL